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Promoting Internationalization of Teacher Education: Curricular Reform through Faculty Development

A Joint Project of Avila University and Ottawa University Funded by the Longview Foundation

Project Summary

The chief goal of this project is to lay the groundwork for department-level and program-level change regarding promoting the need for internationalization of teacher education. This goal will be achieved through developing teacher education faculty by supporting them in incorporating global perspectives in their courses.  A further goal is to begin to develop a Community of Practice around Internationalization of Teacher Education among teacher preparation faculty in the Midwest.



Participants will

  1. demonstrate awareness of resources (information, sample lessons, sample courses) available for incorporating global perspectives into teacher education courses.

  2. describe ideas for how to revise one or more courses to add or improve on global perspective development elements.

  3. reflect on their learning and on their experience with teaching their newly revised course


Participants will

  1. create at least one revised syllabus. (output)

  2. demonstrate increased awareness of the importance of developing the global self for themselves and their students (outcome)

  3. recognize the importance of advocating for global learning within their departments and the school districts with which they work (outcome)

This program takes place during three phases in 2018 and early 2019.  Successful applicants receive a $400 stipend for participating in all elements of the program. 

Workshop Presenter

Dr. Gabrielle Malfatti

Director, Global Engagement

College of Education, University of Missouri



At School in the World:
Preparing teachers in an era of global interdependence
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